Famous or infamous?

I feel I have to bring up what so many have come to discover me by. The good ol’ state trooper incident. I don’t think there is a single news article that delivered this story to the masses with correct details.

I blew a state trooper. Yes, I did. A state trooper on duty; I dropped to my knees and swallowed his load on the side of the interstate more or less.

I have had people approach me since. These people have said to me, “you’re famous.” Hell, in some of your eyes I may be considered just that. But let’s be real… I am smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. (My electronics even know my location and capitalize that shit) I am surrounded at any given time with bigots. I would say, in my home town I would consider myself more infamous then anywhere close to famous.

I was 21. I was 21 and returning from the Nashville airport after a late night flight from Los Angeles. I was on my way home, to Knoxville Tennessee from making dirty movies in LA.

It was the same feeling I think so many people feel when they see those blue lights in their rear view mirror. It was that gut wrenching feeling, that even if you hadn’t done anything wrong, I felt as if I was being caught red handed.

I was doing 92mph in a 70mph zone…

The state trooper approached my pink Honda Accord, on the passengers side window. He appeared to be in his mid forties, a shaved head, somewhat of a beer belly, with the appearance of someone who hadn’t gotten any pussy in a long time. He asked me if there was anything in the car he should know about. I proceeded to tell him, for whatever fucking reason, that I had half a handle of vodka in my trunk and a couple of prescription pain pills, out of their bottle in my console. He asked that I hand him the medication, in which he merely threw them into the grass behind him. No worries, left over hydrocodone from my wisdom teeth removal months before that I really didn’t need but sometimes used in the instance of a hang over or sore vagina, weren’t anything to care about. He then asked me to show him the alcohol. I exited my vehicle and met him around the back, removing the alcohol from my trunk. He shrugged it off and looked over my trunk.

I want you guys to understand, regardless of the press, I wasn’t doing anything shady. I wasn’t doing anything illegal, outside of my led foot of course. I didn’t have a plethora of drugs in my car, nor did I do anything in the attempt to hide or cover up anything that happened during this event. I was just being a good slut.

He started small talk, an awkward attempt to say the least. I instantly felt the stomach turning worry leave my body as I realized the type of person I was facing. It was a middle aged man, who probably wasn’t hugged enough as a child, or touched enough as a pubescent teenager and most certainly not fucked enough as an adult. I instantly went into a mind set to “help” this man. He asked me why I was out so late, I mind you it was about 2:00am EST at this point. I let this man know that I was coming home from work. Well, that opened the can of worms my friends. He asked me, of course, what I did for work?! I replied then with the most candid answer possible, “I make dirty movies.”

His world came to a complete halt.

I could almost feel the blood pumping to his dick from six feet away, standing on the side of the interstate.

His response couldn’t have been any more entertaining as he said, “I have always wanted to get into that myself.”

It was then that he went to his vehicle and proceeded to look up my information, process the ticket maybe and possibly cum in his pants. In this moment I was messaging my boss at the time, Billy Watson.  I cannot remember exactly what Billy was messaging me, but imagine something along the lines of, “FUCK HIM BARBIE!!!”

When the trooper emerged from his vehicle, he had my ticket in hand. I want to add, that this ticket for speeding put me over the maximum allowed “points” for the year of 13 and I actually had my drivers license revoked for an entire 12 months after. My blood was rushing. I have to share, I kept up a different blog at the time and making stories for this blog was something I lived for. I had imagined that this experience would be something that could make for a great story. I was ready.

He proceeded to ask me how someone gets into my line of the business, my stage name and so forth. Once I told him my name was Barbie Cummings, he asked if it was okay if he looked up my work. OF COURSE IT WAS OKAY!!

This is when it turned for climax, no pun intended. He invited me into his car to look up my fucking porn. You can’t make this shit up.

I moved the drug paraphernalia from his front seat and sat down. I gave him my stage name once more, and Google went to work. Go ahead you guys, Google “Barbie Cummings” and see the large array of shit that pops up. Infamous my friends, infamous. I was currently sitting in the vehicle of a state trooper, watching myself getting fucked by at least two or three big black dicks, and begging for that “nigga’ dick”.

I don’t know how long this went on, it is somewhat of a blur at this point. What happened next paved the way for this entire experience. As I left the car, he too exited and in front of his vehicle he proceeded to ask me, “what would it take for someone like you to get with someone like you?”

Guess where it went from here… please…

I said, not missing a beat and having had played this over in my head what had to be a hundred times in the past ten minutes, “well, I will give you a blow job if you’re okay with me taking photos.”

I think he died and came back to life in that moment.

He quickly agreed and I found myself then following him, per his request, in my vehicle. He was taking me to a more private place. I called Billy Watson during this time and he was cheering me on to fuck this man. I look back now and I honestly wish, if I could change anything about this event, that I had fucked him. I will be honest, I hadn’t showered. I know, I know, it’s ridiculous to repeat now as an adult. I have learned this worry of mine, without a shower that day and the way my pussy may have been, it would never have even crossed the mind of this officer. Sigh, If I could only go back.

It was a matter of a mile or so, before we pulled up at an over look. I could see the interstate from this spot, but it was so private and I felt like we were invincible.

He emerged from his car and I approached. He leaned up against his vehicle as I squatted before him, and started to unbuckle his uniform. I have to stop here and let you all know, I never imagined in my fucking life that I would ever be in the situation I was in. You see, I think very highly of police officers. I don’t have some jaded view, or hatred for the abundant amount of tickets I have received. I genuinely respect and think amazingly of the men and women that serve on our task forces. Here I was, squatted down before a state trooper, essentially disrobing him, on the side of the interstate during his work shift.

I removed his already hard, average in size, uncircumcised cock and didn’t hesitate taking that salty goodness into my mouth. I proceeded to place the head of his dick on the back of my throat and I could tell I was blowing his mind. It was easy.

Now what occurred next was something I felt passionately against, but wasn’t going to argue with an officer. Come on guys, he is still an officer, right?

He insisted on using his police issued camera to document this event. WHY?!!!?

Sigh, I wasn’t going to argue. I sucked his cock like the good slut I am and brought that creamy goo to the tip, swallowing every drop. I live for that pulse I feel in a man’s dick when he is releasing his unborn babies; whether inside me pussy, my ass or my mouth, I live for it.

It was only a few minutes of oral sex that ended in fireworks, ended in a life changing event for this man.

We went our separate ways and he went back to work, I arrived shortly after at my two bedroom townhouse in West Knoxville, Tennessee. Life was good.

The next day I received emails. These emails contained the photos of me, me with this officers dick in my mouth. Now, let me add this detail… the emails were sent from this officer’s work assigned email address. Again,

I blogged about this whole occurrence. Some of my fans didn’t believe it really happened, others messaged me and were so fucking proud. I loved every bit of it.

It was a couple of weeks to come when I was sitting at home and heard knocks on the door of my townhouse. I peeked through the privacy hole and seen two nicely dressed men, with badges around their necks. What could this be?!

I opened the door and greeted two men who identified themselves as detectives from the Nashville Bureau of Investigations. I still, at this point, had no idea what this was about. The gentleman started to ask me questions, questions I was really clueless in giving an answer to. They were asking me about Mr. Moss, who was this Mr. Moss they kept referring to?! It wasn’t long though, it wasn’t long at all, when the dots connected. They said something to let me know that Mr. Moss was actually officer Moss, and these men were from Nashville; the same city that the state trooper that I had blown on the side of an interstate just weeks before was from.

I answered truthfully you guys, I swear. I answered but avoided certain questions. I was determined not to throw this man under the bus. I don’t feel like this man did anything wrong necessarily. I look back now and realize that he was being paid by the state, and to spend your time getting oral sex from a mediocre porn star during you shift… well it is just irresponsible and kind an insult to us all. I see that now.

It was once then investigators unveiled that they knew so many details, details only me and officer Moss would have known, that I started to open up more. I let them know that this incident was not in any way something that victimized me. I let them know that officer Moss had not necessarily come on to me, he had acted professionally when it came to my citation and so forth. It was later divulged that other women who had received citations from him came forward and made an attempt to sue the department. They made claims that officer Moss had made passes at them, touched them, offered up their citations in return for sexual acts, all things I don’t believe for a moment. This man was fucking harmless you all. A horny, middle aged man who seized the opportunity. He thought only with the head of his dick in that moment and sure, he made a poor choice… but a predator. Uh, no.

Officer Moss eventually resigned, or maybe he was fired, from the department. I felt awful for the man I did. It was later discovered that how the department found out about it all, was that the dork had told his partner every detail. He let his partner in on our secret and his partner turned him in. It was then that they went through his computer, his video footage on his dashboard camera, his email address, and so forth. If he had just kept this secret between him and I, where would his life had ended up?!

I think about officer Moss a lot. I wonder what ever came of him, where did he go? Is he able to live down this story in his hometown? Did his family and friends disown him? Did the fellow horny, dad bod having neighbor husbands lift him in glory? I don’t know. I won’t ever know I think, but I wonder. I wonder a lot.

Here are the actual photos officer Moss took of me on that night, with his police camera of course.






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