Court, court and more court.

I want to start this next post about The Doctor making one thing clear. Everything in this blog is true; not just this entry but my entire blog. My life is too much of a story in itself, I haven’t a single reason to lie any way.

Some of my readers have questioned my honesty or the truth to some of my stories, more so with my first blog years ago, but even with this fresh new blog. My entries, my life, none of this is fiction. Since I can remember, from my adolescent years and even my young childhood, I was raised being taught a “who cares what other people think” mentality. I will be honest that I have learned the hard way what the repercussions are as an adult with such a mind set. I live in the Bible Belt and surrounded my hypocrites. I face the double standards and the back lash for being who I am daily. I will also share, I have become better, more aware and stronger when it comes to all of this. The things said about me don’t bring me shame like they used to. Now don’t get me wrong, some times it’s still really hard, but I don’t cry at night wishing I was different. I love who I am. That doesn’t mean I don’t wish others loved me as I am, but it means I don’t hate who I am. I don’t have regrets.

The stories I tell from my childhood, my adolescence, my adult film career, my mundane marriage and my life are true. That also means everything I write about The Doctor is true. It all really happened or is happening. It’s not fiction and I want everyone to know that; know that I am an open book and my life is fullest being that way. I just appreciate each and every one of you for showing any interest in who I am and my journey through this fucked up world.

The Doctor… the good (which I have found there to only be little of), the bad (which is mostly what The Doctor is made up of) and the ugly (which is what everything to do with The Doctor is) it’s all true. All my entries are from personal experiences. This still gives you the freedom to form your own opinion on this man, but know I am not here for sympathy. I am here in hopes to education anyone who comes face to face with a human like this during their life.

I have two amazing attorneys working for me through all these cases with The Doctor. I am actually humbled by the amount of support I have received not only through the attorneys, but through other people in my social network. You see the situation with The Doctor was one that brought me shame. I didn’t talk a lot about it back in July of this year when it all started to unravel. My friends on social media were shocked to see my posting photos of moving to a new home in October. Acquaintances and neighbors could tell my stress was sky high from August until now, but no one but my closest of friends knew what was going on. I spent many nights crying, blaming myself; I mean I made the choices that led me to this point, right? I cried for myself, my family, my children. I cried knowing the home I made my own was no longer going to be mine. It’s all traumatic, it’s all very shady but it’s all very legal.

In June of this year I was in Hilton Head Island with my children and my boyfriend at the time, “C”. It was like any other Hilton Head trip The Doctor always gifted me, in fact I always went two weeks a summer to the beautiful Marriott resort in Hilton Head. We stay in the most beautiful condominium; always facing the water. We have the best view and live like kings. It was only my second day on the trip and I can’t exactly tell you what it was that triggered me, but I was done with The Doctor. He had been in my life as I was dragged through almost three years of a horrible divorce process from my last husband. He was around when I was my weakest, becoming a single mother of three and independent financially. He was there to throw money at me, gifts, and financial security with my business throughout times I needed it. He really was. He was not there to be someone that was genuinely a friend though, and that was always what it was. I swore from the beginning I was going to “help” him. But the demand wasn’t there like a traditional relationship, because of course we were an “arrangement”. I didn’t have to make life decisions with The Doctor. I didn’t have to be a partner with The Doctor. He was a friend in the only way he knew how to be a friend, and that was just enough as I battled my way through all the shit life threw at me from the end of 2015 until this day in June.

All that aside, I was done with this type of friendship. I was more of a person then any of his attempts at control. I was worth more then the money he would wire to my account. I deserved more. I didn’t owe him, as that’s what he tried to make me feel. I was tired of hearing, “the happier you make me, the more money I will give you.” I was tired of this relationship that had no hope in progressing to anything genuine. I was tired of his pretend stories of life, his attempts at trying to keep parts of his life secret from this person or that person. I was tired of being made to feel shame for who I was. There wasn’t enough money in the world to endure any more of what The Doctor was throwing at me. I had an amazing partner who loved me and still loves me for everything I am. I was surrounded by my beautiful children and life that was no longer under the narcissistic abuse of my ex husband. Now, now I wanted to open my wings and move out of the shadow of The Doctor.

I messaged The Doctor while I was in Hilton Head, I mentioned the need to have some time apart. I wanted to explore maybe a relationship that was only business with him, as we had talked so many times about but he would never allow to exist. You see by this time, The Doctor had put me on payroll at his Cookeville medical practice. My job duties were to fill either or both of the two empty medical rental properties he owned. In reality though, I was doing my life and he had his. He attempted to carry on traditional relationships with women in Nashville or his hometown of Cookeville, while still trolling through the 20 something year old’s on SeekingArrangment. When I approached him with the idea of me refinancing my house from his as the private lender, with a traditional mortgage company in an attempt to get out from under him… he didn’t like this idea. When I brought up the idea of reaching out to the financial institute that had my vehicle financed, to remove him as the co-signer, he just wasn’t hearing it. Here were these two HUGE things The Doctor did for me in 2016 and 2017, as I didn’t have the credit to do so myself at the time. These were two large things The Doctor did for me, to “help” me, right? I mean that’s what he always said? Now I was in the position to take these two situations into my own hands, and he was offended? I was so confused. Upon our text messages from me to him about the idea of breaking up if you will, he instantly transferred $2,000 in cash to my bank account. He then begged me not “to do this”, he even tried to offer me an exclusive relationship with him? What? This man can’t even be true to himself. We have talked for years of his struggle and all of the separate lives he lived, attending dinner parties, weddings, fundraisers, board meetings and so forth. He didn’t want exclusive. He just didn’t want to lose the control he THOUGHT he had on me. I see that now. We all do.

A traumatic event happened in Hilton Head with my then boyfriend “C”, husband now. He was actually hospitalized in Savannah, Georgia for three weeks after a horrible accident just a day after this mess with The Doctor began. During the month of June, The Doctor and I didn’t speak much and I didn’t see him at all. I couldn’t meet his requests for Thursday dinners, or a weekend in Vegas. I was dealing with my significant other essentially on his death bed. I didn’t enlighten The Doctor on the events in my current life…however we know now he was having me followed and essentially stalking me for months through private investigators, so he knew everything anyway. I will share all that fun with you in due time. July began the road to recover for “C” and we were all back home in Knoxville working through it all. I messaged The Doctor a couple of times, sometimes I would get a one word response, sometimes nothing. This didn’t bother me though. I imagined he was coming to terms that I was serious this time about going separate ways. I knew he was bitter when he stopped issuing me pay checks and basically fired me silently from his practice. It was okay though, because he didn’t owe me. He didn’t. I’m an educated woman, a business owner myself and would find a way to triumph through it all. I always do.

What unfolded from July 26, 2018 until now is what has changed my entire perspective. It has thrown over everything I ever thought I knew about The Doctor. It started a series of events that have been nerve racking, scary and stressful.

On July 26, 2018 I received this letter…
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It was hand delivered by a mystery man, to my front door. It was in a yellow business envelope paired with a small hard drive. The hard drive consisted of video footage of me, on June 22nd in a public parking lot. I was standing with a friend of mine. The friend in the footage with me is a married man, which explains some of the threats in the letter a little better. It was a 33 second clip of me standing outside of this mans truck. People passing us on either side in the parking lot, coming in and out of stores in this shopping mall. There was no event that happened after this, as the letter he wrote insinuates. There was nothing illegal that occurred. There was nothing sexual that happened. There was nothing. I believe The Doctor was attempting to make a mountain out of a mole hill in attempt to instill fear in me. The letter itself kind of infuriated me at first. I instantly took a “fuck you” position toward The Doctor. I was adamant that I was not scared of him?! Things have changed a lot now, as I sleep with a pistol near by and have an order of protection being processed against The Doctor. But I had not a clue what he was crazy enough to do. Not a single fucking clue.

The Doctor didn’t reply to my texts asking him what in the fuck he had this creepy letter delivered to my house for? He was silent. It was a Thursday and I put a phone call into my attorneys office, but I was not prepared for the months ahead.

The following Sunday, July 29th I woke to take my oldest to summer camp. That’s when I discovered my 2015 Nissan Armada was missing from my driveway. I of course instantly wondered if someone has stole it? Surely not! I live in a beautiful community in West Knoxville. Everyone here is an upstanding citizen, right? I called the non emergency number to our local police department to discover that The Doctor had already prepared them for my call. How is this fucking legal?! I pleaded with the operator on the other line, and while she seen I legitimately owned the vehicle, that it was registered to me at my home, The Doctor was the co-signer and because he towed it, it made it a civil matter. It’s November 11th and he still has my vehicle ransom. There’s still an outstanding $27,000 on my credit of the $52,000 purchase price. I will never see the $10,000 I put down on the car when we purchased it in 2016. I will more than likely never see the vehicle again. I was told, having the second set of keys, if I could find this car and drove it away, I have every right. Yeah, I’ll never be able to play detective enough to find this car somewhere in Cookeville. I did go out that Monday and I purchased another vehicle. It isn’t the greatest, but having an additional almost $30,000 in vehicle debt, my financial institute was only willing to agree to so much on a second car. It’s okay though, he won’t get me down. Right?

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. It was just two days later I was served. I was served with papers, regarding my own home. How is this legal? Well here is how… The Doctor was the private lender on my home. I carried home owners insurance. I paid property taxes. The quick claim deed was in my name. Oh, and to throw in, it was in The doctor’s will to leave the house to me if anything ever happened to him. I paid him monthly, with terms to fulfill the financing of the home myself by January 2021. Well, in the promissory note there was a cute clause if you will. It essentially said that as the private lender he could do whatever the fuck wanted. On July 31st I was served with papers that gave me 30 days to fulfill the terms of the purchase of the home. He also demanded I sign a non disclosure agreement. Well, who here knows anything about a mortgage loan? 30 days wasn’t enough. I immediately started the process with my lender. I made a mistake that lengthened it all out too. I started the finance process as a new loan. Well, since the home was legally mine, it was 12 days in the mortgage process that the institute realized I actually had to finance as a “re-finance”. I couldn’t have made the 30 day dead line if I wanted. It’s bitter sweet now, one that I was eventually approved for the full amount of the loan at 100% but that it came too late and The Doctor wasn’t willing to accept it. He knew what he was doing, but even in July I couldn’t believe he could be this callous. On August 30, 2018 he sold himself MY home on the steps of the court house. I was now living in HIS house.

He and his attorneys presented us now with another negotiation. It was to fulfill the terms of the purchase of the home, for me to give the doctor $20,700 in cash and to cover all of his approximate $7,000 in attorney fees. It also included the signing of the non disclosure agreement. I was just flabbergasted. Why was he doing this? He has two homes of his own? He doesn’t need my money? He knows I didn’t have the almost $30,000 he was asking me over the price of home, plus the approximate $6,000 I was to bring to the table had we closed on me purchasing the home. Why was this happening. I finally met with and obtained an attorney who was educated in this type of legality and was given information very straight forward. I may lose my home completely. I had to make a decision in how I wanted to proceed. We made the best decision I feel I could have made economically, but also the hardest decision having to give up MY home. On October 2nd we attended court in 5th sessions court here in Knoxville, Tennessee. My attorney stood before the judge and we agreed the home no longer belonged to me and simply asked if I could have until October 31st to remove all my belongings and find a new home. The judge agreed without hesitation. The doctors attorney still tried to negotiate with my attorney, to have me sign this non disclosure; but at this point, what the fuck was he thinking?!

I found a rental within the actual neighborhood of my original home. It’s been kind of sad since October 2nd and has even gotten worse.

On October 22nd I hired the men to help me move, you know the over priced moving companies that know every tactic in the world to make that money.

It was after the first trip of my belongings to the new house that the lead mover pulled me to the side. He asked me, “did you notice that black truck in your neighbors driveway? There were two men in it and they sat there almost the entire time we were there. Then, when we brought this moving truck over the two men followed us.”

Fuck. It’s The Doctor at it again. I was so upset. How had I not noticed?

I headed back to the old house and approached these two men. They proceeded to tell me that they were “just doing their job”. They also told me that as soon as I was done getting my things they were going to change the locks to me home. I attempted to argue with them, as the judge had given me until the 31st and in no way would I have all of my belongings out today. If they changed the lock, what would become of my things?! I knew this wasn’t legal! By this time a concerned neighbor of mine had called the police. When the police arrived, I was faced with another “civil matter”. However, the private investigators were told they were not to gain entry to my house until after the court ordered date it 10/31. The deputy then let me know, if someone changed my locks that I had all rights to gain entry…ie, break the door down. The private investigators sat there the entire rest of the day, taking photos and videos of myself, my family and the moving company. They periodically harassed the movers as they moved certain belongings, like a few flat screen televisions The Doctor had purchased me for house warming gifts. This “Indian giving” mentality still isn’t making sense to me.

I moved a lot of my belongings that Monday, the 22nd but not anywhere close to all of it. My belongings actually all still sit at the residence due to what The Doctor did in the judicial system. That Tuesday, the 23rd I actually visited our old home to drop my children at the bus stop as our new home is on a mile from the first house. It was about 6:30am. When I approached the house I seen another vehicle sitting in the neighboring yard, running lights on and engine on. It was ANOTHER private investigator. I took footage of this man, “doing his job”.

I gave the footage of said private investigator that morning to my attorney. It was about 2:30pm that afternoon, the 23rd, my now husband “C” went to the old house to get some more of our belongings. He came face to face with the private investigator from that morning and a locksmith! They had changed all of my locks! They had broken into my home, committed a crime and were in criminal contempt. It was within moments of my husband’s texts and phone calls that I too arrived at the house. At this time the private investigator and the locksmith were gone. My husband had been told he was being given 15 minutes to remove as much as he could, and the private investigator would return. In this time I called the police and took it upon myself to follow the advice of the officer from the previous day. I kicked the door in of my own home. My things were in this home! By the time the private investigator appeared again, he was faced with the officers and a report was made. It’s public record if anyone is interested!

I thought I was in the clear. I was wrong.

My attorney was on vacation at the time. The Doctor seized this opportunity to file for an emergency restraining order, against me in regards to the property. What this meant was the judge granted this “temporary” order because he has to assume the allegations against me were true, that I was going to cause damage to the house. A court date was set for November 6th. Well, if you haven’t noticed the strategy here… this was done so I would be forced out of the home and by the time the case was heard for the restraining order, it was after the 31st of October and I wouldn’t be permitted in the home regardless. When court came around last week, The Doctor and his attorneys wanted to “un-sue”. So they wanted to just drop it all. They succeeded in what they wanted and just wanted it to go one. Well fuck that, I have over $20,000 worth of belongings at this house. Not just clothes, tools, home decor, but items like a swingset for my children, a huge trampoline, the 14′ slide I installed off the back porch, my large tow trailer for work. No way.

Now we are scheduled to address the damages, as they are referred to, in the beginning of December. This won’t end here. He won’t get away with not only taking my home, but taking my things.

We have another court date this Thursday, the 15th. This court date is in the local chancery court. If you’re free that day, by all means come join me. It’s for the order of protection against The Doctor and the private investigator that broke into my house. I sat with my attorney for hours yesterday going over all the details. All the details of how The Doctor has been essentially stalking me through private investigators.

Again, all this is just the beginning of this mess… but one thing is for sure, he won’t be able to abuse, control, bully or intimidate another young girl. I will do all I can to prevent every bit of it.

I wanted to end it with a nice little clip of me sucking his middle aged, mediocre dick… enjoy.

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