“Star Wars”

It was January of last year, 2017. I was in the middle of my three year battle to divorce my ex husband. During this time I had two men in my life, consistently that is. I won’t count the random choices I made throughout. There was of course The Doctor, then there was “J”. “J” is a married man, in his early 30’s. He’s an accountant who lived and continues to live a wholesome life. A secret about “J” is that he was, without a doubt, a sex addict. It didn’t matter the time, the place, the setting, the person, or any of the elements that surround us. Everything makes his dick hard, he can cum repeatedly and he has this talent to make any situation sexually arousing. I guess that’s what makes a sex addict a sex addict.

It was a Friday night and I had just spent the evening with my local mom friends. We actually had a belated gift exchange at a restaurant near the house. It wasn’t uncommon for me to call on “J” for a ride. If I had been drinking, or I ever drink, I either call an Uber or a friend for a ride. Well I had one too many shots of fireball that night and I messaged “J” to come and get me.

I mind you, “J” lives about 30 minutes past Knoxville. He lives in a cute two story home, that has a pristine vinyl siding with a manicured lawn. He would, at any given time, drop what he was doing… make up whatever excuse he had to, to come to me. Or should I say cum to me?

He showed up, like any other time “J” delivered as my chauffeur. This time he had a surprise for me.

He didn’t tell me his plan. He didn’t ask me. He simply drove. He drove to the local grocery store, about mid way in the parking lot he chose to park. I of course immediately noticed the running car he parked next to.

Now I want to take you all back to this time; the time when Craigslist and BackPage were still in full swing.

“J” had taken full advantage of the accessibility that these websites allowed.

Out from this tiny “smart car” emerged a young black man. The first thing I noticed was the flat billed hat he was wearing that read, “STAR WARS” on it. (Hence my catchy blog title)

He actually got into “J’s” truck with us, like we were all friends or something. It was then I realized what I was in for. I was told by “J” that “Star Wars” was there to fuck me. And fuck me he did.

In the middle of the grocery store parking lot I squatted within the back floorboard of “J’s” truck and slowly started to expose Star Wars for what he was… a Big Black Cock.

I proceeded to choke on this monster cock in the back seat of “J’s” truck while “J” himself took photos and video taped. You could see people passing the car through the tinted windows. I loved being a slut.

“Star Wars” wasn’t gentle. His 10″ cock also filled my mouth unlike anyone had done in a long time. I couldn’t handle it all.

I leaned up, as there was no way to stand inside “J’s” truck and slipped both my panties and my pants off.

I took the instruction of “J” to, “sit on that fat black cock.” I straddled over “Star War’s” thick dick and slowly lowered myself. I wasn’t half way down the shaft when I could already feel it in my stomach. It was just like old times, just like being Barbie again; check out my site HERE to get an idea of the BBC I took over the years. It was like old times.

I fucked “Star Wars” right there in the back of the truck. I could see, but wasn’t taking too much notice, to the flash from “J’s” camera. I could hear “J” cheering me on, “you like that big dick? You like being a good slut?”

Yes, yes! I love being a slut “J”!
StarWars Fist

You see, “J” loves it all. As I stated before, he is definitely a sex addict. In this moment as I worked to milk “Star War’s” cock, I was fulfilling a huge fantasy for “J”. That’s all I wanted to do, fulfill what I could to make “J” happy.

I fucked this black dick in the parking lot there for maybe 15 minutes. I would swap out and clean my pussy off of his cock, before going back to burying it deep inside my cunt.

I wanted more.

I suggested we have “Star Wars” come back to my house. No one hesitated and all were on board with my suggestion.

It wasn’t long before my legs were above my head and I was being pounded by this big black dick in my bed. “J” was sure to get every angle he could in photos, walking around my bed as I could do nothing but take, take, take.

“Star Wars” wasn’t gentle, I need to share. In fact he was rough. I had marks for days. At one point he had me on my hands and knees, pounding me with no mercy, spanking me as hard as he could it seemed at the time. I couldn’t focus on the pleasure and pain from his dick being so deep, or the pleasure and pain from the punishment he was administering in me.

What happened next was nothing more then what I would consider a success. I looked back at “Star Wars”, then over at “J” and the words came out of my mouth, “I want that big dick up my ass.”

…and that’s just what I got. I squealed with pain as he shoved his cock up my ass from behind. His dick was so big, I tried to lean forward to ease the pain but there was no getting away from his size.

He had me. He owned me in that moment. I was his for the taking.

This fuck session lasted longer then most any other. It was hours of wearing my pussy and gaping my ass hole. I was sweaty, bruised and sore by the wee hours of the morning. I hurt all over. I was so happy.

“Star Wars” didn’t cum. Yeah, some of you think this kind of thing is sort of crazy, but to me it isn’t. There is a lot of psychology behind sexuality and not everyone can cum the same.

I tapped out around 2:00 or maybe 3:00am with “Star Wars”, I mean at some point you have to call it what it is right? My pussy was raw.

“Star Wars” was booted, sent on his way and never to be seen again. It was now that “J” had me to himself.

He slowly kissed over my swollen, sore, hurting pussy lips. He wanted to savor every bit of cock he could taste from inside me. He bent me back over, over the bed and took his time licking from my clit to the rim of my ass hole. You see he was being gentle so he could then take his turn. That’s just what he did too, he took his turn. Over and over he took his turn.

“J” fucked me where “Star Wars” had just fucked me. It was like the pain from that big black dick was gripping “J’s” cock inside me. I took three loads from “J” that night. Two loads of cum in my pussy and one in my ass. While I was bent over, filled with two loads in my cunt, I could physically see it dripping from me as he used my ass hole from behind. I slipped my fingers down to my clit, and managed to get a nice amount for tasting. The salty, thick, creamy goodness of cum as I was being pounded from behind. This is what I live for.

“J” was sweet to me, he always was. We had an amazing relationship and I used to fantasize then what it would be like had he not been invested in a miserable marriage. That’s not a thought anymore, but for a long time it was my reality. He kissed me gently and brought me a glass of water from my kitchen. He tucked me in, letting my dog out to pee before leaving. He left me there; full of him. He left me there happy. He left me there to then return to his miserable home in which he carried on a life he wish he didn’t have to live. What he doesn’t realize to this day is he doesn’t HAVE to live it. “J” will probably never leave his wife. He will live in the suburban neighborhood, coach all the ball games, show up at all the family weddings, take the family photos, sleep on the basement sofa and live in a sexless marriage for the rest of his life. I wish so much more for “J” but I am so grateful to have had him in my life, and even still know “J” today.

His need and want for sex doesn’t define him. He’s a kind, gentle, humble man. He blends in with society. He isn’t cocky or self righteous, maybe even somewhat of a push over. He is thoughtful and remembers the little things. He thrives to please and just wants what all of us want, to feel love and acceptance.

Well “J”, as you are, I love you and I accept you. I always will. You deserve the world and one day I hope you see all that you are. Thank you for being who you are.

3 thoughts on ““Star Wars””

  1. Me and my lady …Hot ass from the bluegrass….We have fun…We want more…But she gets too wishy washy with it because of. haters racists…You know the ones that freak off you and then talk dog shit about you to others?…Its just sex….Tell her something good …Give us some advice.. Thanks from. The Chaos Kid..Born & Bred in Sweet T (Tn)….To the streets that beat the weak out of me…Louisiville…To the Sparkling City by the sea .Corpus Christi…She freaks off Byron….Tell her something about him…Come and help us anytime…Peace!..


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