The Financial Investor

I wrote before about an agency. This agency created the connection between men and women; men with money and women who worked for that money. I met a man in LA once who had a pet octopus. But I also met a few other men…

One was a man I will never forget. I have had a lot of sex you see and while I wish I could remember the details of it all, I can’t. But this man, the financial advisor. I remember lots of details from our meets.

Richard was his name. I remember then thinking he was “old”. He was probably 42, 43 maybe? I was 20 at the time, so you can imagine my mind set. Richard always seen that the agency had $3,500 in my bank account prior to getting on that plane, to ride in that first class seat, being picked up in that fancy town car and staying in those Ritz Carlton hotels. Richard was a sexy man. This surprised me. I mean, don’t get me wrong not all men willing to gift mass amounts of money for pussy are hideous, but Richard was actually an extremely attractive man. Along with his looks, he also practiced common social skills. Social skills were also a struggle for paying men. I imagine now, Richard was a “happily” married man who traveled a lot for work and wanted to live a little with the extreme amounts of money it appeared he made.

He was mixed. I don’t know exactly what he was mixed with, what nationality. It could have been maybe a mother who herself was African American and Caucasian with a father solely Caucasian. It could have been any combination of such, you could just tell by his light caramel skin that he was more then your typical Caucasian man. He was sexy.

The first time I seen Richard was in San Francisco. I was flown in, picked up at the airport by a chauffeur and a key was left at the front desk for me. I can remember getting out of the town car and stepping in front of that Ritz-Carlton, it was by far one of the fanciest I had been to. At least this is the way I remember the details, so let me have it.

There was a written note left in the room. Richard wanted to let me know he was working ; that I could completely indulge in the full bar within in the room, shower and meet him downstairs later that night. He gave me a time but I can’t remember exactly. I remember drinking two vodka cranberries I made myself, showering in a beautiful stone shower, using the cushy robe hanging on the wall and preparing for our first meet. It’s always nerving to meet anyone for the first time, particularly in the sex world. At least in my opinion.

When I first set eyes on Richard sitting at the bar, I remember feeling a feeling of disbelief. Here was this sexy man that I would have probably fucked for a cheap dinner at a mediocre restaurant. Instead, I was living it up and gifted thousands. He wanted Barbie Cummings you see.

We sat together at the bar, had another drink or two. The conversation was minimal. In fact the conversations were always very, very minimal with Richard. I only knew his name, due to the agency and I found later by internet research his line of work.

We went to the room and I became the property of Richard. Richard was very dominant in nature and this flowed beautifully with how submissive I am. We got into the room after dark. I now noticed the amazing view from the large wall of windows as the lights from the city lit up the entire space. He stood in front of the windows and told me to get to my knees. I obeyed.

I unbuttoned his pants and if you could guess, I exposed a beautiful dick too! Sexy, “sane” and had a nice cock. Who was really winning here?

His dick wasn’t hard, it was my “job” to work him to an erection. His cock was nicely trimmed and he smelled wonderful. I caressed his balls as I slowly kissed on the tip of his cock. I licked on either side of him, feeling the growth happening. I took my soft tongue and took right up the shaft, taking the head into my hot mouth. I could taste the precum. Oh how I love precum. His dick throbbed in my mouth and was not completely hard. Then Richard threw me for a loop when he grabbed the back of my head and literally fucked my throat. I gagged and lost my breath. Within seconds of being skull fucked my eyes were watering and spit was streaming from both sides of my mouth. I would never have stopped him. Ever.

This foreplay only lasted for a few minutes. He asked me to stand and go change. He had made a request on an outfit prior to my arrival. I went to that fancy ass bathroom again and put on that red plaid mini skirt, the clean white Oxford shirt, white thigh highs, 5″ black stilettos and put my hair into pig tails. I emerged from the bathroom and was told to stand before him as he laid on the bed. I stood there as he looked me up and down. I waited there as he turned the television on and proceeded to play nothing less then porn. My porn. He stood and instructed me to undress him. I did.

He told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed. He slipped my skirt up and buried his face in between my legs. I lost my breath in that moment. He then slapped my ass so hard, making me arch my back and let out a gasp. My pussy wet he wasted no time showing me how he could fuck my cunt just as he had fucked my face moments ago.

This is where I can tell you the distance was apparent. We had minimal words between one another. There was no kissing. There was really a sense of he paid for me. He owned me in that moment. It was so fucking sexy. I remember feeling like the best version of my slutty self that I could be.

He pulled his big cock out of me, and laid on the bed. He instructed me to spread my legs over him as ride his dick. He liked to be rode in a manner consistent with the other mannerisms he had. I stayed sitting up as I rode his cock. There was none of that leaning down to make our faces meet, or lips. He unbuttoned my shirt slowly. Exposing my big tits, nipples erect. I was listening to myself getting fucked on the television while moaning in real life, full of Richard.

We fucked in every position. The entire time I kept my skirt and stockings on. Then, bent over the bed he told me he was going to cum in my ass. At this point we hadn’t done anal. So he wasn’t asking me, he was informing me.

He wasn’t gentle, but he wasn’t brutal. He used my pussy juices covering his dick to make way into my tight ass hole. His dick was thick and long. I felt every inch slowly stretch me as he made his way completely inside me. He grabbed my pigtails with each hand and fucked me. He fucked my ass like only a few had ever fucked it prior.

I remember moaning and appreciating each thrust; then looking over at myself on screen with a big black dick in my ass.

He came deep in my ass. He didn’t tell me he was cumming, or announce it. He simply used me to dump his load.

We went to sleep and I don’t even know if either of us said good night to one another. Again, we weren’t there to be friends. We were there to fuck.

He did tell me he would wake me before he left for work, and I would fuck him again. It was before day light before I had his dick down my throat again. This time he skipped my pussy all together and we had what most would consider a “morning fuck”. He held my throat as I bent before him and took another one of his loads in my ass. He showered and left for work. I was told I could sleep longer if I pleased but to be up and showered before he returned from his morning meeting.

I curled up in those plush blankets full of cum for about an hour more, before the sun started to rise. I got up, showered and prepared for another fucking before I had to get to my flight.

He arrived back in the room around 9:30am. This time he laid back and I rode his cock once more. I worked my fat ass on him, earning that cum. He still used my ass during this session, but this time I milked him with my pussy, he didn’t fuck me. I drained him once more, being full yet again. My ass so sore.

I got dressed again, no second shower. We said our goodbyes and he had a car waiting for me downstairs.

I was taken to the airport and flew home replaying every moment me and Richard shared.

I seen Richard three more times after that. I can’t say I learned anymore about Richard then the very first meet at that hotel bar. Richard owned me in the time he had me and for that I was grateful. He is one of many men that helped contribute to what an amazing slut I am today.

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