…just for you.

This photo is just for you.

It’s for you…

…who think I obviously have no moral compass.

…who think I lack all self worth.

…who think about me when you are fucking their wife.

…who have been a fan since my first scene.

…who are praying for me.

…who feel sorry for me.

…who don’t believe I deserve respect.

…who think I deserve more respect then most.

…who are inspired by me.

…who are disgusted by me.

…who wish they could be as confident in their sexuality as I am.

…who diagnose me.

…who can’t fathom my choices in life.

…who live vicariously through me.

…who see me for all that I am outside of my sexuality.

…who see me as nothing more then a sexual object.

This is just for all of you, each and everyone. It’s a well taken photo by my husband of my pussy dripping with the cum of another man. I wish you each the most fulfilling life, regardless of who you are, where you come from or what you believe. You are important in this world, for one reason or another. You matter. Whether we are similar or nothing alike, I respect you and I respect your right to your own opinions and beliefs.

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